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Lusso Trade in Program


Clear off the cobwebs and dust bunnies! The Lusso Trade in Program is a 12 month membership that allows you to trade in any old, out of style, vintage or broken jewelry (Lusso pieces or otherwise) to get a credit towards new Lusso pieces! Lusso loves to recycle, upcycle and give old things new life and now you can help us do just that! Become a member today, clean out your jewelry box and get ready for some new Lusso.  

  • Necklaces and bracelets are accepted. (No Earrings or Rings)
  • Have jewelry you just don't wear anymore? We will take that too! Trade Ins are not just limited to broken pieces. We'd love to get our hands on gemstone beads, wood beads, vintage brooches/pins, unique plastic or acrylic beads, clay beads and different styles of pendants and charms.
  • Trade In Jewelry will be evaluated on a piece by piece basis or given a "bulk" value depending on the number of pieces.
  • All pieces will be evaluated in person or via photo for those who are not local (South Florida). And don't worry....if you mail us your goodies for trade in, you will receive a credit for the shipping charges!
  • You will be given a quote for the Trade In Value Credit and 3 days to accept or reject that quote.
  • Trade In Value of jewelry is determined by Lost In Lusso. We have the right to accept or reject any pieces.
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