Elephant Jewelry Obsession

I have a slight obsession with elephants.  And by slight, I mean I loooove them. I always find my work space lined with charms of these fabulous creatures. 

Yes, I line them up like a little stampede charging across my bead board. Little things amuse me and keep me creative.

Elephants represent strength, honor, stability and patience. Many believe they bring good luck and fortune. Their symbol is said to break down or bulldoze obstacles in your life. The position of their trunk is often debated. It is believe they store luck in their trunks so the higher the trunk the more luck it is holding for those around it.

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Do you have any elephants in your jewelry box? What's your favorite piece look like? Do you have ideas for an elephant piece you would like to see made? Leave a comment below and tell me about it. I love hearing from you guys!