The Strength Necklace

The Strength Necklace is my new favorite piece. I originally found and bought this pendant for myself and have received so many compliments and questions about it, I am now offering it as part of the Everyday Collection.

Strength Necklace 3.jpg

This pendant has two of nature's ultimate symbols of strength and simplicity: hexagons and diamonds.

Hexagons have six equal sides and are considered to be the strongest shape. Bumblebees use the hexagon shape in their hives for its strength and storage. It provides them with maximum storage and use in their honeycombs. 

Diamonds are made of pure carbon and are the hardest naturally made mineral. In their purest form they are clear and flawless. Their nickname is the Stone of Invincibility. This pendant does not have real diamonds, but it has crystals inside to represent them....and keep the price reasonable ;)

At first, this pendant seems small and fragile. However, it combines two of nature's strongest elements. Wear it to remember and awaken the strength within you. 

The Strength Necklace will be available on October 1, 2015 for $39. Anyone who pre-orders, this piece by September 26, 2015 will get 20%, a free gift and free shipping. To pre-order yours click HERE