No Makeup Monday: Sampling Rodan and Fields

I love my daily skin care routine.....but I can't help but be distracted by all the pretty product bottles that catch my eye at the store. I love trying new beauty products and adding them to daily routine to make things fun. Last week, I was given some Rodan and Fields samples and have been dying to try it out. Here goes!


My samples were of:

  • R&D Micro-Dermabrasion Paste
  • Night Renewing Serum (Blue Capsule)
  • Lip Renewing Serum (Gray Capsule).

The other jar is a sample of another scrub. I honestly don't remember the name and it's not labeled so I'm saving that for another day.



Selfie during the scrubbing process

Selfie during the scrubbing process

I got a little excited and forgot to take a before picture. Here is one with the scrub already in place. I like to scrub and leave the product on for a few minutes. Makes me feel like my skin is getting extra squeaky clean and like I'm a little rebellious. ;)

My skin was clean, damp and makeup free when I started.

Just opening the packet, I looooooved the scent. It's clean and fresh, almost lemon or citrus. The sample was also a very generous amount which was nice.

I love scrubs. Like LOOOOOVE them. They make me feel like I am literally removing the dirt and dead skin (which they are) but the grainy texture on my skin is something I have an obsession with. 

This paste did the trick. It was grainy, without being too harsh. Almost like a salt scrub feeling. Here's a close up of the consistency and texture.

After 10 minutes, I washed the scrub off and dried my face. I fought a little bit with the capsules but nothing too bad. I applied the Night and Lip Renewing Serums. My face felt amazing. Clean, fresh and super smooth. My lips felt moisturized and silky. And no part of my face felt sticky from the serums which was a HUGE plus.

Conclusion: I loved all three of these products. I saw an immediate change in my skin's softness. Priced at $78 for a 4.2oz jar, this scrub may not be considered friendly to everyone's wallet but I think it's worth the price.  Here are some after selfies because I just had to show off my fresh No Makeup Monday Face! Leave your comments below and let me know if you've tried or use this project and what you think!

The article is my own personal review of this product. I did not receive any compensation for this. It's just my opinion on the latest thing to cross my vanity :)