Chakras: Focus

Also called the Brow Chakra, it is located in the forehead above the eyebrows. It governs the area of the pineal gland which is believed to be our "second sight" is located. It represents our ability to focus and see the bigger picture in life.

This bracelet is made of Blue Jasper beads. Blue Jasper represents spirit and purpose. It encourages honesty with one's self and helps transform ideas into action. These beads are accented with an Eye Charm to represent the Third Eye of the chakra.

This bracelet, along with our entire Chakra Collection, is handmade entirely of vegan materials and sized to order. Patterns may vary slightly depending on the size ordered. Size small is shown in product pictures.

Lost in Lusso brings you an exclusive collection of Chakra Bracelets to help you open and balance your chakras. This collection of chakra bracelets are all handmade to order and are made entirely of vegan materials. They are made on stretch elastic for a comfortable fit and easy wear.

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