Chakras: Communication

This chakra is located above the collar bone and governs the areas of your throat and ears. It represents communication. The colors for this chakra are aqua and turquoise.

This bracelet is made of Blue Quartz and Blue Howlite beads. Blue Quartz assists in the ability to reach out to others and helps to improve communication skills. It is a soothing and calming stone. Blue Howlite calms your own anger and absorbs anger directed at you.

These beads are accented with a Gold Dove Charm. Their cooing has been seen as a calming sign for hundreds of years across many cultures and beliefs.

Lost in Lusso brings you an exclusive collection of Chakra Bracelets to help you open and balance your chakras. This collection of chakra bracelets are all handmade to order and are made entirely of vegan materials. They are made on stretch elastic for a comfortable fit and easy wear.

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