January's Stone of the Month: Amber

Amber is actually not a gemstone, but a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. Some of the oldest pieces of Amber on earth are about 320 million years old. Called the "Stone of the Sun," Amber can be different shades of yellow, orange and golden browns. In ancient times, people believed Amber held "Frozen Sunshine" since it always feels warm to the touch unlike gemstones which are always cool.

It is believed that Amber is an excellent healing stone. It detoxifies the spirit and body from many things. It removes negative energies, eliminates fears and helps to balance your emotions. Others say keeping a piece of Amber on your desk next to your computer can help detoxify your body from radiation. 

Amber is also called the "Happy Stone" and is thought to help those suffering from depression since it helps clear the mind and dissolve negative energies.

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