Very "Pin"teresting!

Just about everyone I know has jumped aboard the Pinterest train. How could you not? Pinterest is a one stop shop to find ideas and inspiration for anything and everything! Fashion, food, travel, DIYs, health, humor (Who can resist those eCards?!)

Personally, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me. Just type something in the search box and you instantly have a collection of pins showing you how other people wear it, decorate it, make it, cook it, reuse it and even fail miserably at it all at your finger tips. 

Lost in Lusso is on Pinterest too! (click HERE to find and follow us!) Besides seeing pictures of your favorite pieces, you'll find DIYs, ways to wear your Lusso favs, storage ideas and other things that inspire me.

One thing I wanted to do was showcase all the fabulous pictures I get from you guys. Your stacks of bracelets and neck parties deserve attention too! I decided to start a Group Board called "If you got it, flaunt it!" to show off how all the Lusso Lovers rock their pieces. It's an open, group board so anyone is welcomed to join the board and start pinning their own photos and showing off! Need an invite? Make sure you're following us and then leave a comment below or email to be added. (Feel free to upload direct images or link to your blogs!)

Hope to connect with you all on Pinterest...the more the merrier and Happy Pinning!


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