Facebook Frustrations

Recently, there have have been many issues with the Lusso Facebook page and posts not showing up in your newsfeeds. I have received tons of feed back from you guys about not seeing anything on Facebook and missing sales and events. For the record, I want to clarify the following:

  • Lusso is not out of business and is still going strong :)
  • Thrifty Thursday Sales still do exist. (However, they are now twice a month, not every week)
  • Yes, I am constantly making new pieces...even if Facebook isn't showing you the pictures I post.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about Facebook and its new (and ever changing) policies about what it shows in your newsfeeds. I've tried posting at different times, with and without pictures, tagging, sharing and even paying for posts to be promoted. Sadly, Facebook is just not the great tool that it used to be. 

Rather than getting frustrated, I will be spending a little more time on the monthly newsletter and website to make sure all the information you guys need is easy to find and all in one place. 

  • Events and sales will be listed on the monthly newsletter and under the Events tab on the website.
  • Daily Lusso, DIYs and behind the scene stuff will be posted on our Pinterest and here on the Lusso Letters Blog.
  • All new pieces will be posted on the website, Pinterest and Facebook. 
  • A Thrifty Thursday preview email will be sent out an hour before the sale starts as a reminder. 

Don't worry....I will still continue to post everything on Facebook, but remember you can follow Lusso on all your favorite social media too! All the links are below. 

I do have one teeny, tiny favor to ask you guys.....Can you please like, share, retweet, pin, comment, etc when you do see some Lusso online. It helps me know which posts are actually reaching you guys....plus I always love to hear what you guys think! <3

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostinlusso 

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